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Breakaway Ministries

Breakaway Ministries Breakaway is a weekly gathering of thousands of college students on the campus of...


Breakaway Ministries

Breakaway is a weekly gathering of thousands of college students on the campus of Texas A&M. They gather to worship and hear the gospel preached. I’ve been honored to work with Breakaway for the last several years. Each year we push the brand forward while maintaining its core personality. The following walks you through the Fall and Spring semesters at Breakaway.

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Nothing is Sacred

In years past, we created a robust package of welcome materials. The package included a luggage tag with the semester’s schedule, a poster with the schedule and content about Breakaway, a venue card inviting students to the next event, a postcard about the Breakaway Institute, a card promoting the Breakaway app, and all of this was wrapped in a branded die-cut envelopment. It was a beautiful package. Nothing is sacred around here, though. We wanted to know if it was effective. What would our audience say if the package was no longer there? How much money would we save if we packaged the same information differently? These questions needed answers.

The results couldn’t have made us happier. We saved thousands of dollars in printing and design costs (yes, money that otherwise would have come to me). Students got all the info they needed and the saved time and resources could be reallocated elsewhere. This is a HUGE win.

This brochure is the whole enchilada. The luggage tag is glued inside the brochure. App card and Breakaway Institute info is included on the card. The venue card fits nicely inside and we dropped the envelopment and poster altogether. No one missed it.

Breakaway Hype Loop

Reinforce the brand, communicate what the brand and the event is about, build buzz. These are the benchmarks of a well-crafted hype loop. Using brand elements from other Breakaway collateral I animated and cut together this loop. The loop is played on screens over a curated playlist before and after the event.

T-Shirts for Days!

I really enjoy designing apparel. The idea that people will be wearing the brand is wonderfully terrifying. So I have fun with it. I work with Bella + Canvas on the shirt stock and colors. Then from there, I start sketching and playing. T-Shirts are a great opportunity to push the boundaries of the brand. For Breakaway I typically design 6-10 basic concepts and then start messing around with different combinations of ink and shirt color. The following is a sampling of concepts I created for Spring 2016.

Spring has Sprung

Each spring we take the fall brand and freshen it up a bit. In the following pieces you’ll notice the geometric typography from the fall but with an updated color scheme and gradient overlay.