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Published March 24, 2017

Portfolio Update

The cobbler’s kids have no shoes.

Always ironic, almost always true.

I don’t know about you but I just get so in the weeds trying to create for clients that I forget to create for myself. I love what I do so much I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love art. I love creating. I love problem-solving and consulting and advising clients on how to tell their stories well and how to market their brands… but then I completely ignore my own story and my own brand.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I’d venture to guess this is part of the struggle for the creative professional. A constant combat against the creative resistance that only gets more intense the closer to home you fight.

So the new site. Simple, clean and easy to update.

I purchased a theme from themeforest.com, wiped my server and started with a fresh install of WordPress. I scrapped all my previous portfolio work and have brought forth only my favorite projects. The work on the site is the best of my best. It represents the work I felt most alive creating and the kind of work I would love to continue creating. (It’s also the work I could prep quickly for the web without having to re-download 1000 assets.)

Thanks for stopping in. Please contact me if you have questions about any of the projects here or if you find something broken or misspelled (I’m an artist, not a copywriter).